All of the butterflies used by Blue Butterflies Designs have died of natural causes; we do not promote the harming of butterflies in any way. 

We work with each client to customize a design that captures the essence of the occasion or that complements existing home decor. Price for each piece varies - factors include species, size, number and rarity of butterflies, size/type of dome or shadow box, design effort involved. 

Each piece is signed by the artist. 

Personalized engraved plaques also available. 

Most pieces ready in 3-4 weeks. Holidays may impact completion time. 

All custom orders require a 50% deposit. 

***Due to the delicate nature of the preserved butterflies, butterfly domes should be kept out of direct sunlight and glass dome should not be removed***

About the Artist...

Cassandra Bohne-Linnard is a native Houstonian who has been writing and painting as a hobby for many years. After she retired from the corporate world she dedicated herself to her young family and in this environment her artistic creativity flourished. After painting “Freedom”, an abstract of a blue butterfly, she was inspired to design her first butterfly dome as a memorable gift for her husband to celebrate the birth of their last child, using butterflies to represent each member of her family. The piece was so widely admired that she soon began Blue Butterfly Designs, creating unique butterfly domes for all occasions.

Bohne - Freedom